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Aluminum Patio Covers

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With the warm spring weather on the way, you can be sure the hot, sunny days will follow. When the sun is shining down, there’s no better place to hang out than a patio. But without the proper shade, that patio can get oppressively hot. 

A patio can be a great addition to your home that allows you to relax and enjoy the outdoors. You can now make your patio more comfortable so you can use it year-round by having Joe's Gutters and Patios install a new aluminum patio cover. 

A patio cover provides shade during the hot summer months, as well as protection from the weather during a springtime rain shower. Though there are a lot of materials to choose from when it comes to patio covers, aluminum patio covers offers many benefits for homeowners. 

Why Choose Aluminum Patio Covers


With aluminum patio covers, you have plenty of options for customization. They come in a wide variety of colors, gauges, textures and finishes to give you the coverage you want in a style you’ll love. 

Easy Maintenance

Patio covers made of aluminum are easy to maintain. They don't need to be taken down during winter, don’t need to be repainted, don’t require yearly maintenance, and won’t be damaged by humidity or water. 


Aluminum patio covers are made from durable, natural and recycled materials. Because of their long-lasting finish and durability, they maintain their color and you also don’t have to worry about any rust, rot, or pests. 

Reduce Heat

Aluminum patio covers block the sun’s rays and reduce heat while still allowing ventilation. You can shade your patio from high summer sun while also helping to regulate the temperature inside your home during winter. 

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Protect your home from harsh weather and damaging UV rays with aluminum patio covers. As one of the largest gutter and patio companies in Southern Louisiana, Joe's Gutters and Patios offers the best products, warranty, service and experience. Get started with your free quote today! 

Custom aluminum patio covers

Custom aluminum patio covers